Have you ever heard of the saying; getting rich isn’t an act, it’s a habit. Yep, I guess you would have heard of it because, we are what we do. Human beings are a creature of habits, because you notice that you kind of do the same thing, the same routine over and over again. So I say that again, getting rich is not an act but it is a habit, so is staying poor, is not an act, it’s not something that just happens to you, it’s a habit. So now since we know now that our financial statuses are based on our daily routine. So what we have to do is just to replace those poor people habits, with the rich people’s own. So without any further ado, let’s look at the habits of the rich people.

The very first habit of the successful people, is that they count their money, poor people don’t count their money, they get a pay check, they deposit a paycheck, they spend money they have no idea, what their expenses are, they have no idea how their money flows, you notice poor people, the (J.O.B) they have a job, they wait till maybe once year, when they find out that they have a tax return, the taxes they are owing to pay, they look at the numbers, and some don’t even look at the numbers. Their just “alright, ok, that’s how much for me to pay”

You have to be conscious of how your money is flowing, because if you can’t keep track, of your $100 per month pay check, how will you be able to keep track of your money when you start earning millions of dollars. So it’s good to train your body to master this habit. Do you know the good thing about habits? They successful are hard to leave especially if you have the good one.’

The second good habits that successful people inculcate is that they pay themselves first, I sure you guys would have heard of this before, but do you actually know what it means? Paying yourself first doesn’t mean you buy yourself that car you’ve been dreaming about or that expensive trip you’ve always wanted, it doesn’t mean you blowing money on entertainment. No, when you do that you’re paying everybody else, when you buy the car, you’re paying the automobile company, when you buy a house you are paying the bank, when you’re traveling you’re paying the traveling agencies, you’re paying the hotel, the airplane company, paying yourself meaning that you put your money aside and that you invest your money, and don’t get me wrong am not talking about being frugal, it’s just about taking a percentage of your income and putting that aside (paying yourself first),and you save it, for which you will invest later.

And now the third one is that successful people are constantly improving their earning abilities, because some of you might be willing to pay yourself first, but your current earnings is not enough. And a very certain way to do that is to improve your earning abilities, and how do you do that, by adding more value to the market place, so every single year, your income is growing ever year. If you’re a self-employed person or a business man and your income is the same every year, it means you’re not learning, it also means you’re not thinking and when you’re not doing those, you’re not growing. Every single year, you need to strive to make your income better than what it is last year. And that’s a habit that the rich emulate, because they are constantly looking for way to improve their earning abilities and also looking for ways to add leverage, to apply leverage into what you do.