Ok so now you have these three amazing successful habits to follow, now it’s time for the big question which is “are you going to actually follow them” the answer is NO, I know I left a lot of my readers gaping, and wondering why, you won’t do them because you don’t have enough leverage on yourself, because it’s not important for you to do the change, because it’s easier for you to stay where you are than do the scary thing of actually changing your habits.

But here’s the truth, unless you make that change, unless you commit to making that change you are going to end up in the exact same spot that you are right now one year from today, and hopefully that is unacceptable.

So the best way to change your habit, is by just going out there and just do, that shift that Is needed of you, by making immediate action towards making that habit change, when you do that habit change, you’re going to suck at the beginning, you’re going to make mistake, it’s going to be awkward, it’s going to  be embarrassing, people won’t know what to do, with this new habits you’ve picked up, and you won’t be very good with the habit that you’ve picked up. But you have to get through that fear; you have to get through that awkwardness and discomfort, to get on the other side to become the successful person that you want to be.

Here are the three ways you can do that, the first is to get a leverage on yourself, and for me the way I did that was to close my eyes and imagine, if I don’t make this change, if I don’t try to get more connection, what’s going to happen, and then you imagine, what’s going to happen in 5 years, in 10 years in 20 years,  and then you put all this massive pain on you and then, you try to imagine, like the worst thing that can ever happen if you keep that destructive habit that is difficult to change, think 20 years from now.

Now the second way is by doing what I call playing the bigger trigger’s , as you know successful human beings live a routine lifestyle, as in everything is based on default, the way, that you’re living, the habit’s that you’ve had, you do them by default, even though they don’t serve you anymore, so what you have to do is to have a trigger, so that when the trigger happens, it forces you to play bigger.

A play bigger trigger is something you come up with, that when you do it, you consistently play small, you consistently go back into the habit’s that you use to do and you don’t want to do anymore, and then when you see this trigger, when it happens in your environment, it’s going to force you to do the correct habit, thus playing bigger

The third way is what I call Flexing the x, although this may seem very simple, but it plays a very great psychological effect, and what flexing the x does is, that you create an annual calendar, and anytime, you want to create and then you check it off with an x,  so any day you observe the good habits you check it off on your calendar, and it’s advisable to put it somewhere visible, like on your fridge, on dressing mirror, or somewhere you can see it every day. It acts like a reminder and it’s also another play bigger trigger, it’s basically tell you that you’ve seen the thing and you have to do it, and then when you start making the x on a daily basis, you’ll feel good, it’s progress, you’re rewarding yourself, and in a short time you’ll start to build massive momentum. And then you’l lsuccessful start to make the changes you desire, so flex the x,

With these three ways, you can be assured that you can bust through your fears and start getting good habits, and changes in your live, because it Is no longer acceptable for you to be in the same spot. Thanks successful guys