In the previous article we talked about the various lessons about sales this is a continuation of the previous article, so without furtherM ado, Let’s starts listing them.
THE IMPORTANCE OF FOLLOWING UP: the Business school may teach you statistics about acquiring new customers VS getting new business from regular customers, it would save you more money to grow a base of loyal returning customers that you can count on, but business school Won’t teach you how to always bring someone back for a second or a third or even a fourth purchase.
I recommend to keep track of your customers and follow up after their purchase. You see selling is a circle, once you close a sale, you’d have to continue selling, following up could require maybe giving your customers phone calls maybe once a year to like renew subscriptions or send regular emails to update your customers on your business, maybe new products updates that you have.
No mater how you follow up, it will keep your name in the minds, if you don’t follow up and someone else does, they might steal your customers, this really just comes down to just caring about your customers, if someone buys a course from me, I give them limited 24 hours access to my phone and email address, and I’ve recently started to implement an email auto-responder that don’t forget about certain benefits and bonuses that I send out.
The next lesson is fairly obvious but it’s that REJECTION HAPPENS: business school teaches you the road map to a successful sale but what happens when there are obstacles on your way or doors that have been slammed shut in your face.
Literally some people are out there pretty rude to sales people and they can completely barr down your day, you see everyone deals with rejection in different ways and they are good ways and bad ways to deal with rejection.
Some people have different pep talks that get them through nose, other people have plans and places that fail whenever they hit obstacles, learning to deal with rejection in your own way often requires confidence and your beliefs about selling.
I personally recommend to pick up the book; To sell is human by Daniel Pink, he has an entire chapter on how to stay afloat on the ocean of rejection.
YOU NEED A BALANCE OF CONFIDENCE AND HUMILITY: So rejection is very humbling and the fact that negative feelings of rejection. you have to have a bunch of confidence in your overall abilities as a sales person, but how much confidence is too much? How often does humility starts to play into your sales meetings. The answer to this question will vary base on your industry and your customers base, and it’s not something you’ll find in a book, kind of like dealing with rejection you need to do some self reflection to access your self. Your confidence, your humility that you might need to make some changes and this is a skill they do not teach in school.
IT TAKES EXPERIENCE TO SELL: Sure you’ve got a diploma to prove that you can actually sell, that you can start a business plan and get the business going, but the real lesson comes from real world experience, lesson

everyone is going to make mistake during their first attempts to sell and make it big.
My experience, the sooner you lesson can make the mistake and actually start to learn from them the sooner you can take on any challenge in selling.
I’ve sold all kinds of in my life and every situation is a little bit different but after every sales transactions I’ve learned just a little bit more and get a little bit better at reading customers, maybe explaining to them what they’re buying and they would understand. So basically if you want to be better at selling you need more practice.
THERE ARE ALWAYS NEW LESSONS TO LEARN: Education don’t stop with the graduation or a course completion as the world of sales and marketing evolves, new tactics and strategies would become more successful and old ones would die.
Email marketing, re-targeting advertisement, facebook chatbots sending direct mail at the age of internet gratification. Even artificial intelligence and personality selling. They are always new things to learn.
So make it a priority to keep educating yourself and keep learning read a book by different sales, leader every month ask your friends for blog recommendations attend workshops, seminars, and other courses that can teach you something new.
Even the most successful sales leaders are Learning everyday.