The second tip is openness; Do you know that your body posture affects the level of testosterone in your body, in a Harvard university study, it shows that people who had a relaxed open body posture or something openness they called high power pose,  to have a reduced levels of stress and increased testosterone, when you convey a relaxed and confident body posture, it signals that you’re a high value man. I’m evolutionary psychology term, this means you not only have access to but an abundance of resources, people and ideas that can contribute specifically to your future kids. openness
So what does this mean in real life, well first you should be facing the person, this is pretty basic, secondly point your feet towards the person.
This is a bit more advanced because you don’t usually directly look at someone’s feet although it sets the direction for the rest of the body. If a girls feet are pointed away from you while taking it means she wants to leave.openness
Open your palms and carry your head high, thus may be basic but very powerful the next thing is to walk like you just won a million dollars and you can’t wait to share it with someone.
Use this mindset trick as cue of how your body posture should be when you walk into a room and lastly whatever you do, don’t cross your arms this ruins all the others and make you feel defensive. openness
The T In HOTAPE stands for touch, I remember in college there was a cute girl I liked, she was outgoing and the perfect physical type and we had almost everything in common, So it was naturally frustrating, because each time our friend group hung out.
She never gave me attention or signs that she liked me, then one day, I learned from a friend how important touch was to build attraction with a girl, it shows you have confidence and dominance, it also signals to the girl subtle signs to her Brain that you’re a high value man.
I went to the physical escalation model and decided randomly to pick her up and carry her to the dance floor at a club one night, as soon as I put her down, she had the most “I want you face” I have ever seen.
My confident action of physical escalation, led her to build more attraction for me. Gene smith actually noted after the study of the HOT APE Method that touch was the number one predictor of someone getting out of a friend zone, she mentioned that touching hands or the upper back can be a great place to start.
Now you should never do something with a girl you can’t read well, this is why the ladder of physical escalation is so important. always look directly in the girls face when engaging in physical contact.
If she shows the slightest sign of disgust, then simply smile and say “my bad” and continue with the conversation as if nothing  openness. Happened.
The next is attention, thus one is a little bit tricky to get right, because how much attention do you need to give a girl and you need to pull away at times and what happens If you don’t?
See most men romanticize the girl and give them too much attention, through things like double texts, complimenting them too much and non-stop validation.openness
We’ve all seen it go too far, now here’s a simple solution that I’ve found a great frame to adapt is to treat the girl as is she was just a new guy friend.openness
You wouldn’t double text a new guy friend that you just met, you wouldn’t rush to hang out with them as soon as possible and you definitely wouldn’t care too much about what they thought about you.
You should recognize that girls want to be treated like normal people and not some special princes that you put on a ton like most men think.openness
There are however a small group who really do wish and expect to be treated like a princess however for most men these girls are usually trouble.