Have you been around in public and you see some cute girl that catches your eyes, you really want to go up and talk to her. Instantly your heart starts to raise, but let’s imagine that this time youhave the courage to go up and talk to her.
As you start the conversation, there’s a tight feeling in your stomach and maybe you have some of these thoughts running through your head . “Is she creeped out by me?” “what do I say to get her to like me?”
Well if you’ve never learned the correct method on how to flirt, you’ll continue to miss out on opportunities to attract and connect with a potential high quality significant other.
So let me start this article off by saying that flirting isn’t just some skill that’s cheese or reserved for the army of chad, flirting instead is a skill that allows you to transfer your emotions of attraction and energy into another person.
One day you’ll meet a beautiful woman that would be thrilled to be with you, but if you haven’t had any practice flirting, you’ll be stumbling over your words or leaving her thinking that you’re a selfish person because of some dumb pickup lines.
So in others words you shouldn’t just Flirt with the one, flirt with everyone that you can so that you can practice this skill. Because basically all you’re doing when flirting is you’re transferring your emotional energy to another person.
Then by the time, you meet a girl that you really like, you’ll be confident with your ability to flirt because you have the competence of it.
Now in this article, I’ve actually researched with a licensed therapist his name is Joshua Hudson, and he brought a simple proven method for flirting known as the HOT APE. Now HOTAPE is an acronym where each letter stands for a principle you can use when flirting.
Jean smith is the woman responsible for the HOT APE method, you might be wondering; why did she create it? Well she’s a scientist and she wanted to know how people actually understood when someone’s flirting with them. In short this woman wants to know the science of been flirted with so, she came up with 6 things that almost all people do when they have the intention of flirting.
The first is H and It stands for Humor: Consistent studies over and over again have shown that a good sense of humor is one of the most attractive traits that a man can have, time over time, a woman will pick a less physically attractive man who is funny, than a super attractive man who’s boring.
Been funny is also easier than you think, you don’t need a planned joke or a sarcastic wit. Women love the type of humor from a guy who doesn’t take life so seriously, girls inherently want someone to give them permission to let go and be free.
Now I advise to see the humor in mundane situations and translate that over into your interactions with women, put some energies behind it too, I actually have a friend who literally won a girl over by dancing at the gym after he hit a new PR.
He was just having fun with the situation but his lack of seriousness had a sexy senorita asking his name in no time.
Now if you don’t know where to start you can begin by listening to stand up comedians or seeing how other people apply humor in their life.
Usually modelling success is a great framework for humor been funny on the spot is actually quite closely co-relative with being more intelligent too and this is because the ability to take a situation and turn it into something that evokes a laugh in someone else is actually a form of creative problem solving and also that is another trait that women desire in men. Now it might make you sit back in your chair and smile like the Gringe to realize that this skill(humor) is a skill that can be developed, I mean have you ever went back and watched some famous comedians stand up shows. They are pretty funny but for a different reason; Everyone starts somewhere and are all you need to know is that humor is a skill that you’ll have to work on.